IĠM launches Journalism Awards 2019 – Regulations and Application Form

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) has launched the Journalism Awards 2019.  Rules, Regulations and the relevant Application forms are downloadable from here:



More details below.

The Event: The Malta Journalism Awards is an annual event organised by The Institute of Maltese Journalists, Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin (IĠM), with the support of a number of leading sponsors.

Aim: The aim of the Awards is to honour journalists or contributors whose work, published in the previous calendar year, contributed to the enhancement of the journalism profession in Malta.

Eligibility: All Maltese journalists and/or contributors to the media in Malta and abroad are eligible to participate in this contest. These works must have been published in any Maltese or foreign media during the previous calendar year (1 January-31 December, 2018).

Media include printed, broadcast – radio or TV – and electronic media. Submissions can also be made by any Editor or News Editor for any journalist or contributor, irrespective of whether that journalist or contributor is a member of his/her staff or not, as long as the Editor or News Editor obtains permission from that particular journalist or contributor.

Fees: Members of the Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin or Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports, who have a valid membership card and are up to date in their membership fees, participate free of charge. All other participants pay €50 to participate in the Awards.

Submissions: Every participant shall submit one entry in each category s/he wants to participate in, clearly indicating the date and medium of publication and the category in which the news item is competing.