IĠM Chairman to step down

IMG_1899The Chairman of the Institute of Maltese Journalists, Malcolm J. Naudi, has decided to step down after serving in the post for the past 14 consecutive years. Mr Naudi has decided to call it a day and, in his own words, “make way for fresh blood”.

“I have seen the Institute grow from humble beginnings, having been a founder member. I feel honoured to have been at the helm during all these years when I built on the work of my predecessors, the late Anthony Montanaro and Ray Bugeja.”

Mr Naudi added: “It has not always been easy, but we have managed to survive and grow, thanks mainly to a very supportive Council and all those who have worked closely with us, including the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education in Journalism (FTFEĠ), the Press Ethics Commission and our business partners.”

The outgoing Chairman plans to take a year’s Sabbatical, but has not ruled out sitting on the Council in future. Mr Naudi said he will remain as acting Chairman until the IĠM’s annual general meeting, which is normally held in the third week of January, after which a new Chairman will take over.

The IĠM would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Mr Naudi for his contribution to the profession and his leadership over all these years.

“We are grateful to Mr Naudi who has worked with extreme professionalism and integrity, bringing together Council members of different political persuasions to be committed, despite everyday difficulties, to sound principles that are applied universally,” Deputy Chairman Charles Flores said.