Tumas Fenech Foundation sponsors 16th Gold Award

Is-Sur John Inguanez (tieni mil-lemin) qed jinghata l-Gold Award.

Is-Sur John Inguanez (tieni mil-lemin) qed jinghata l-Gold Award.

The Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education in Journalism (FTFEĠ) sponsored the 16th Gold Award, presented during the 23rd Malta Journalist Awards, held earlier this month.

President Emeritus Edward Fenech Adami, who chaired the judging panel for the Gold Award, which was also composed of Anna Bonanno and Laurence Grech, gave the motivation praising the latest recipient of the Gold Award, John Inguanez.

Mr Inguanez spent the first decade of his career in print journalism before moving to the national broadcasting station where he held several senior positions, including Head of News, Head of Radio and Head of Archiving, over a period of 30 years.

As a youth he attended a Thomson Foundation Senior Editors’ Course, ending top of his class, and he has continued even in retirement to conduct research, translate books and write material for TV. [John Inguanez CV attached ]

FTFEĠ Chairman, President Emeritus Ugo Mifsud Bonnici praised the attributes of Mr Inguanez: “I know John as a highly professional person, who is low-key but hard working and highly effective, earning the respect of his colleagues, peers and all those who have worked with him. This is a highly merited award since John has shown himself to be flexible and also an agent of change throughout his career.”

Apart from receiving the Gold Award trophy, Mr Inguanez was also presented a copy of the latest publication of the FTFEĠ, Il-Gross – Il-kontribut letterarju, on the father of President Emeritus Mifsud Bonnici and his brother, Chief Justice Emeritus Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici.

The other recipients of the Gold Award, first awarded in 1998, were: Fr Joe Borg, Anton Cassar, Frank Attard, J.G. Vassallo, Anthony Montanaro, John Manduca, Charles Grech Orr, Paul Carachi, Paul Saliba, Lino Cassar (who passed away last year), Dr Joe Micallef Stafrace, Lino Spiteri, Victor Aquilina, Michael Schiavone and John Micallef (Roamer).