IĠM appeals for respect for journalists on duty

Press Release

31 January, 2013

At a time when the election campaign is less than half way through, a number of journalists have come into the line of fire of politicians who treated them in a manner that shows no respect for their work. Journalists have a duty to inform the public on what is happening throughout the election campaign so that they will then be able to make an informed decision when they go to vote.

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) notes these incidents with regret and insists that all journalists, whoever they are, should be left alone to do their duty freely and without being the target of attacks, even verbal. These attacks on journalists are not something to be proud of and are unsuitable in a democratic society.

The Institute appeals to all politicians to be more tolerant and to treat journalists with respect, and appeals to the political party leaders to insist with their candidates and spokespersons to allow journalists to do their duty without interfering.

At the same time each journalist should behave ethically and professionally in the treatment of politicians and guests on their programmes.