IĠM launches new website

Press Release 08/2012

Data: 3 May, 2012


Members of the media urged to fill in survey


The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) is appealing to all members of the media, whether members or non members, to fill in a questionnaire that will enable it to survey the entire media community in Malta and Gozo.

The questionnaire can be accessed on the Institute’s new website, www.igm.org.mt at the specific URL https://igm.org.mt/questionnaire-on-igm-to-members-and-all-members-of-the-media-in-malta-and-gozo/

The 20-question survey will enable the Institute to collect information, opinions and perceptions, as well as proposals and ideas on how the Institute can be of greater service to the media community.

“I invite all those with any connection to the media, both traditional and new media to give their contribution,” IĠM chairman Malcolm J. Naudi said in a statement. “We will be analysing all the data collected along with our consultants to enable us to prepare a five-year plan to chart the Institute’s development in the years ahead.”

The new IĠM website, designed by Martin Debattista and coordinated by Naudi and Deputy Secretary-General Charlot Zahra, has information on the Institute’s main focus areas, including the Malta Journalism Awards (MJA), Education, Ethics, emergency phone numbers, international links and resources for the media, including legislation and the PEC rules of procedure.