Press Release 21/2011
Date: 8 October 2011

The Press Ethics Commission (PEC) was represented at the 13th annual conference of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AIPCE), held in Moscow between 5-8 October, 2011, by its Chairman, Dr Kevin F. Dingli, who participated actively in the discussions and presented a Report on the workings of the Commission during the past year.

The event, hosted by Russia’s Public Chamber for Press Complaints, discussed various topics of importance, including the regulation of user-generated content on media websites, the right of reply, who is a public figure, legal structure and funding of press councils, and press freedom.

Delegates, also attended a commemoration at the graveside of Russian human rights activist and journalist Anna Politkovskaya at the Troekurvskoe on the fifth anniversary of her murder, in a show of solidarity with Russian journalists, and had a preview of the film, Bitter Taste of Freedom, devoted to her life and work.