IĠM supports Journalism Diploma Course at MCAST

Press Release: 17/2010

Dated: 29 September 2010

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IG.M) lends its full support to the Institute of Business & Commerce (IBC) within the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), which is launching a three-year Diploma in Journalism Studies evening course as from this month.

The IGM put forward concrete recommendations to the IBC, based on approved learning content adopted by the National Union of Journalists in the UK and material which IG.M Council members have developed specifically with the needs of the local media in mind. The course, which depending on demand can also be developed to first degree level, has 15 core modules and four optional half modules. In addition, third-year students will be expected to submit a Dissertation.

The core modules include practical media skills, language skills in Maltese and English, local legislation and ethics, production management, practical elements, and corporate governance and public policy. The optional modules cover specialised reporting, photo journalism, shorthand for journalists and specialist IT applications.

“This is an important milestone in Maltese journalism,” said Malcolm J. Naudi, IG.M Chairman. “Not since the mid-Eighties has a journalism course been available from any local educational institutions and I would like to give credit to the authorities who have lent their support and encouragement to the IG.M’s endeavours to raise the standards of local journalism.

“This course is open both to those who have just left school and to experienced practitioners who wish to have a formal educational background. I am counting on the media industry to lend their support by allowing their members of staff to spend time to attend,” Mr Naudi added.

New IG.M premises

The IG.M has also moved to premises at 280 Republic Street, Valletta, a prominent public building from where it will be operating.

“I would like to pay tribute to Parliamentary Secretary Dr Chris Said for having taken the political decision to enable the IG.M to be afforded prestigious premises in the main road of Malta’s capital. He was also instrumental in lending the necessary support for the Journalism Diploma Course to be considered at MCAST,” the IG.M chairman said.

“My sincere thanks also go to BPC International Ltd, who have supported the IG.M since inception and for more than 20 years afforded them their previous premises in Old Mint Street, Valletta.”


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